About Us: Fulcrum Biometrics Southern Africa

Fulcrum Biometrics, Incorporated in Texas, USA, was founded in late 2002 by a group of entrepreneurs led by the company’s current President and CEO, Mr. Ken Nosker. Prior to founding Fulcrum, Ken was one of the biometric payment pioneers at Indivos Corporation (PaybyTouch.com) where he led the development, deployment, and management of Pay-by-Touch (SM), the world’s first fully biometric-based payment system.

To achieve their strategy for global reach, in January of 2009 Fulcrum opened its first international systems development, sales and distribution office in the city of Gurgaon, some 20 kilometres South-West of New Delhi, serving India and surrounding territories.

Ken Nosker – Fulcrum CEO

Charles Laxton – FB-SA Director, New Jersey

Rob Griggs MD |   Dave Crawshay-Hall CTO |   John Taylor – Sales

Demonstrating heartening confidence in this region, Fulcrum Biometrics Southern Africa (Pty) Limited was established in early 2020.  Biometric industry experts Dave Crawshay-Hall and Charlie Laxton, together with well-respected ICT stalwarts Rob Griggs and John Taylor, compliment Ken Nosker as the local executive team.

With the Southern African and SADC offices based in Lonehill, Johannesburg, Fulcrum now proudly services customers in 100+ countries around the world.

Today, Fulcrum Biometrics is a single point of contact for anyone selecting, integrating, and deploying biometrics-enabled systems and security solutions.  They are deeply committed to the growth and expansion of the biometrics industry and to developing new and exciting biometrics applications in areas such as Identity Management, Policing, Security, Micro Finance, E-Government, Retail, Healthcare, Non-profits, Banking and many other verticals.

As biometric identification intersects with the rapidly growing global security challenges, Fulcrum will continue to enable its clients to realise the full benefits of practically applying this powerful technology.

FbF® Multi-Biometrics Framework

Fulcrum Biometrics Framework (FbF®) products are a suite of tools that simplify the inclusion of biometrics into any new or existing mobile, desktop, or web-based application. With FbF tools, you have everything you need to biometrically link a physical person to their records in your database or application. By choosing to work with the FbF tools instead of low-level SDK’s, your time can be spent focused:

  • Spend hours—not months—integrating biometrics into your systems or applications
  • Use the biometric modalities (iris, finger, face, vein, palm etc.) best suited to your security needs
  • Scale to any size population—from a small office, to a large enterprise and all the way up to national scale
  • Save thousands in engineering costs and time spent focusing on non-core activities

Corporate Social Responsibility

Fulcrum’s core belief is that companies should act as good citizens of the world which we all share and should pay special attention to give back to the countries and communities in which they have a physical presence.  The mission of our employees will be to deliver on this principle.