Identity Solutions

Solving identity management challenges requires more than attaching devices to computers and adjusting a few policies on your network. However, in some cases, complete solutions are available that simplify the process. Fulcrum is committed to identifying and offering best-in-class solutions as they become available to the market.

  • Access Control to data and physical premises
  • Biometric Login with SSO to eliminate inadequate passwords and safely login with a fingerprint scan
  • Childcare Management for administrating childcare facilities, children, parents, and staff
  • FbF Demographica Identity Suite biometrically enabled solutions
  • Live Scan for background checks.
  • Live Scan for firearms dealers.
  • Medical Donor (Donor Bank) Management, “chain of evidence”- tools for keeping humans and their specimens connected in donor bank environments
  • Member Management for members, clients, associates, beneficiaries or employees
  • Mobile ID for employees, clients, and suspects that don’t sit at desks
  • Time and Attendance to keep track of employee attendance behaviour
  • Visitor Management for the lobby and front gate management of guests

Fulcrum also provides tailor-made solutions, designed to meet the requirements of both civil and private applications. All biometric modalities (face, iris, voice, signature and fingerprint) can be catered for while incorporating the latest security technologies such as smart cards, tokens and tamper-proof documents can further enhance the solution.

  • Government– logical access control, passports, Identity documents, smart cards, citizen registration, border control, Large scale fingerprint de-duplication, AFIS
  • Banking– biometric account holder authentication, PKI secure tokens, instant card issuance, card management, card personalisation, KYC
  • Hospitality – smart cards, access control, loyalty cards, guest document authentication
  • Corporate – access control, identity management smart cards, biometrics