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Credits: Fulcrumbiometrics.com April 28, 2020

Texas based Fulcrum Biometrics, one of the leading Identity Management and Biometric Systems Integrators in the USA, are extending their company footprint into Africa. CEO Ken Nosker, who founded Fulcrum in 2002 explained the rationale’:

“We originally established our headquarters in the USA and later expanded with a software development and sales facility in India. From these humble beginnings, we now proudly service customers in over 100 countries around the world. Over the last few years, the demand from Africa for biometrically powered security and identity management tools in a host of market sectors has increased tremendously. It became clear to us that Africa was the next growth market in biometrics. This has led us to the decision to establish our third global company presence in Johannesburg”.

In recent years, Fulcrum has worked closely in Africa with biometric industry experts Dave Crawshay-Hall and Charlie Laxton. This relationship has now culminated in Fulcrum Biometrics Southern Africa (Pty) Limited being formed. Fulcrum USA are shareholders, Ken is on the local board and with well-respected ICT personalities Rob Griggs and John Taylor complimenting the team.

Local MD Rob Griggs elaborated: “We have long admired Ken and the depth of own-IPR biometric solutions Fulcrum have developed. Whilst they have won several projects in Africa already, an established local office team with proven African experience and easy access to this huge market will propel Fulcrum to another level is sub-Saharan Africa.”

Charlie Laxton, now in New Jersey with Warren Lahoud, spoke confidently of the commercial opportunities: “Fulcrum have immense buying power from global hardware OEM’s and have integrated those products into their Fulcrum Biometric Framework (FbF®) and this own-IPR software solution platform is enjoying great success. Their buying power, FbF® and extensive technical and project management capabilities, will surely differentiate Fulcrum in Africa”.

Today, Fulcrum Biometrics is a single point of contact for anyone selecting, integrating, and deploying biometrics-enabled systems and security solutions. They are deeply committed to the growth and expansion of the biometrics industry and to developing new and exciting biometrics applications in areas such as Identity Management, Policing, Security, Micro Finance, E-Government, Retail, Healthcare, Non-profits, Banking and many other verticals.

As biometric identification intersects with the rapidly growing global security challenges, Fulcrum will continue to enable its clients to realise the full benefits of practically applying this powerful technology.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Fulcrum’s core belief is that companies should act as good citizens of the world which we all share and should pay special attention to give back to the countries and communities in which they have a physical presence. The mission of our employees will be to deliver on this principle.

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