fulcrum biometrics south africa


Credits: Biometricupdate.com May 03, 2020

Texas-based Fulcrum Biometrics plans to capitalize on growing African demand for biometrics systems by opening its first office on the continent.

Recently acquired by Fujitsu, the company is establishing its second overseas venture, Fulcrum Biometrics Southern Africa (Pty), after working with biometrics experts in Africa Dave Crawshay-Hall and Charlie Laxton.

“It became clear to us that Africa was the next growth market in biometrics and has led us to the decision to establish our third global company presence in Johannesburg,” says Fulcrum Biometrics CEO Ken Nosker. The new operation will be headed by ICT industry veteran Rob Griggs.

The new boss is quoted as saying, “While they have won several significant projects in Africa already, an established local office team with proven African experience and easy access to this huge market will propel Fulcrum to another level in sub-Saharan Africa”.