Two-thirds of data breaches are caused by human behavior and system problems-not external hackers

Every business is in the information protection business. In the wrong hands, the information your company holds can ruin lives-of your clients, your employees, your business itself, even your own family. Names addresses, social security numbers, drivers’ license numbers, credit cards, passwords…if the wrong combination of information slithers away, the result can run from simple annoyance to complete devastation.
And passwords simply don’t provide enough protection.

According to studies, your employees pose a greater threat to your information than hackers. Internally, you’re at the mercy of that one untrained, lazy, or disgruntled employee who doesn’t share your concern for how damaging the information can be.

To protect your business from itself, you need a solution that is stronger than secret passwords. You need a solution that can’t be lost, stolen, forgotten, or shared.

Logging in to your computer with a fingerprint scan eliminates everything that’s inadequate with passwords and helps:

  • Improve compliance with regulatory standards
  • Increase ROI, by reducing help desk waste and increasing people it protects
  • Bolster the security of your network and the information and people it protects

When integrated into a good single sign on solution (SSO), that same, single biometric credential signs your employees into many of their applications — great for improving workflows and employee experience.

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